About Us

Who Are We?

NachoKids.org was created by a stepfamily out of frustration in trying to find good stepfamily support.  Our team is made up of several stepfamilies which encompass many different variables of stepfamily life.  Together, we generate content which we feel is useful, informative and helpful to other stepfamilies.  Though some articles are personal, most are general stepfamily problems and suggestions to overcome them.  I’m sure you can find your stepfamily in many of these articles.  You are not alone.

Why did we create NachoKids.org?

There are tons of great stepfamily sites online offering information but we wanted something different, a community of stepfamilies helping each other through the process of being a successful “family unit” and avoid being another statistic.

What do we hope to accomplish?

Using NachoKids.org we hope to create a home where stepfamilies can come to interact with other stepfamilies.  We hope stepfamilies can come here to learn, get help and help others.  Also we want it to be a place where members of stepfamilies can feel comfortable in expressing themselves through the anonymity that this site offers.  This site is designed for families which means we strictly enforce a G-Rated environment that is safe for everyone.

What’s the deal with the name NachoKids?

During one of our early family/marriage counseling sessions we were discovering a lot of what we were doing as a stepfamily was being done with good intentions but unrealistic expectations.  The most challenging part of our families is how to deal or not deal with the kids.  While expressing our disappointment and utter frustration with trying to co-parent the stepkids the counselor looked at us and said, “These are not your kids”.  We quickly took that advice to heart and tried to look at things involving the other’s child/children through that spectrum.  Being a husband/wife team that tries to find humor in most things, we quickly started referring to the stepkids (privately) as Nacho Kids (“Not Your Kids”).  This enduring term helps our team stay light-hearted and focused on the task at hand… creating and nurturing a successful stepfamily and helping others do the same.